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What are the ingredients in the modeling dough?

The recipe for Tutti Frutti modeling dough is kept secret, but it is mainly composed of flour, salt, water, colorants and scents.


Would it be dangerous if my child ate the modeling dough? Is it toxic?

Tutti Frutti dough is not intended to be eaten.

All of the ingredients used in Tutti Frutti modeling dough are currently used in the food industry, so it would not be dangerous if consumed. However, the modeling dough contains a lot of salt, so if consumed, we recommend giving your child water to avoid dehydration.

Sparkling Tutti Frutti dough contains glitters that are not intended to be eaten.  Tutti Frutti dough are tested to comply with canadian, europeen, American and other regulation. However, should you kid show symptoms after swallowing the modeling dough, you should see a doctor.


Is it normal that the modeling dough dries out after a certain amount of time?

Yes, it is normal that the modeling dough dries out after a certain amount of time because it contains a lot of salt. You can soften the modeling dough by simply rehydrating it.


How can I rehydrate the modeling dough?

You can follow our step-by-step tutorial to revive your modeling dough.

Place the dough in a bowl and gently pour a small quantity of water into it. Knead the wet dough with your hands, working the water into the dough, and rolling it into a ball. If it becomes wet and sticky, it doesn’t matter. Continue to knead the dough until it has absorbed a sufficient amount of water and has become moist and malleable again.

Roll your dough into a compact ball. Run water over a sheet of paper towel and wrap it around the dough. Place your dough in its original container or in a closed airtight container and let it sit overnight.


How is the modeling dough scented?

We use aromas currently used in the food industry to create the different scents found in our modeling dough.


Can I preserve my modeling dough creation by baking it?

We have performed several baking tests to try to preserve our modeling dough creations. Unfortunately, the results were not conclusive.  However, you can keep your creation for a certain period of time by letting the dough dry.


The modeling dough formed tiny crystals that look like glass. Is it dangerous?

If the modeling dough is kept in a container that is not entirely sealed for a long period of time, it will dry out and the salt inside the dough will become visible, giving the appearance of glass crystals.  These crystals are simply salt fragments. In order to enjoy your Tutti FruttiTM modeling dough for a long period of time, it is recommended to store it in its original airtight container.