Bojeux™ has reinvented traditional modelling dough by offering your children not only a colourful visual and tactile experience, but one that talks to their nose with exciting fruity scents.

Unlike other modelling clay, Tutti Frutti is rehydratable, non-sticky, non-flaky and made with non-toxic ingredients. With its mixable colours, its malleable texture and its different scents, the Tutti Frutti modeling dough is fun and stimulating!


Unique recipe

• Soft and malleable
• Does not crumble
• Non-sticky
• Non-staining

All non-toxic ingredients

• Smells like real fruits
• Non-toxic ( 100% safe for kids )


Water based

• Rehydratable
• Non-toxic ( 100% safe for kids )


Can be re-moisturized over and over with just a little water

Salted taste

• Natural repellant ( kids will not eat it )
• Antibacterial

Colors are mixable

• Infinite possibilities of colors

4 container sizes

Individual formats available:
75g (2.75 oz), 128g (4.5oz), 250g (8.75 oz) & 1kg (2.2 lb)

23 delicious scents

Vanilla, lemon, blueberry, strawberry, orange, bubble gum, grape, cherry, banana, chocolate, green apple, watermelon, lime, cotton candy, pineapple, pear, mint, tropical, kiwi, pink grapefruit, peach, blue raspberry, fruit punch

Made with love in Canada

• High quality regulation
• We take personal care of each and every production step

Kits and accessories

• Develop imagination, inventiveness, creativity & motor skills
Help to relax
Develop smell, touch & sight senses



Develop little one’s motor skills

Rolling, pressing, cutting, squeezing… help to strengthen muscles of little hands. It brings preschool motor skills such as using scissors and holding a pencil.


A relaxing and soothing activity

Squashing and manipulating dough in your hands is a very calm and relaxing activity. Playing with dough brings the same benefits as a “stress ball” which is a stress-reliever and helps releasing the extra energy so the little ones are more focused.


Stimulate creativity and imagination

Playing with Tutti Frutti dough is a limitless activity. The Tutti Frutti activity kits and accessories provide them a wide variety of materials to play with which encourages them to use their creativity and gives them the possibility to imagine and create everything they want.


Help senses awakening (Smell, touch and sight)

The 23 delicious perfumes of the Tutti Frutti dough offer a real sensory experience by inviting little noses to discover new smells, and also stimulate tactile and visual senses by offering vibrant colors and activities for tactile discovery.


Develops eye-hand coordination

Adapted to all skill levels & easy to manipulate, Tutti Frutti dough helps develop the essential eye-hand coordination improvement for pre-school children.


Social skills

Kids learn to collaborate and share while creating SCENT-sational works of art, with friends and family.